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When people hear we work for a cheerleading company, they tend to assume we spend the majority of our day doing cheers and making signs. While that would be a lot of fun, considering the majority of us where cheerleaders, it isn’t quite true! We still have to answer phones and do paper work, but each of us still has the heart of a cheerleader.

Last week the College Entry Tapes for the 2011 College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships were due in the office. Director of College Programs, John White, suggested that since the colleges where showing their school pride, that we should do the same. So in the UCA office, November 2 is officially known as College Spirit Day!

To participate in College Spirit Day, employees must show support for the college they attended by dressing up in their colors and/or decorating their desks with college gear. The UCA office has employees supporting teams from all over the country including places like Ohio State, New Mexico, UCF, University Memphis, Delta State, University of Tennessee, Mississippi State, LSU, West Georgia, and the University of Kentucky.

Like any other UCA Camp or Competition, we handed out awards at the end of the day for things like Most Authentic Fan Apparel, Most Creative Hat, Best Fan Footwear, and Best Fan Display.

Now that the judging is over, UCA wants to congratulate all of the teams who received a paid bid. For college cheerleaders, the road to Nationals really takes off from here. Teams have to start perfecting their stunts and pyramids. On top of that, they are still cheering hard for their football teams and are getting ready for the basketball season.

Want to know how a college cheerleader gets ready for Game Day? Check out Ryan Martin from the University of Alabama and Taylor from Clemson’s Game Day Diary.

Get the College Entry Tape Results!

Click here to see how the team’s performed at the 2010 College Cheerleading and Dance Team Nationals Championship!

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